Andrew Hill - Point of Departure

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Point of Departure was the fifth album from jazz pianist Andrew Hill. The record is perhaps his most famous. It was recorded and originally released in 1964. The album features Kenny Dorham, Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Richard Davis and Tony Hill. It's hard to classify the genre-defying compositions found on Point of Departure, it's an album exploding with new ideas, a watershed moment in the evolution of jazz, and a must have for every serious jazz aficionado.

Full of constantly changing time signatures, dramatic shifts in tone, and exploding with edgy, intricate solos that seem to come out of nowhere yet somehow manage to fit right in. This is music at once both primal and intellectual, the fevered dreams of a genius mind leaping from idea to idea, refined into musical form. Yet despite the seeming chaos, it never loses the listener, instead taking you along for the ride as it transforms and evolves.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Blue Note Records in 2015 for their 'Blue Note 75' campaign.

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