B-52's - Wild Planet (Exclusive Blue Splatter Vinyl)

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After the likes of "Rock Lobster" and "606-0842", a lot of new wavers were curious about what Athens, Georgia's fun-loving The B-52s were going to do for an encore. The answer came with Wild Planet, their rollicking sophomore album in 1980, which finds Fred Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson nearly equaling the giddy highs of their debut.

From the riotous "Party Out of Bounds" and "Devil in My Car" to the ahead-of-the curve couch potato classic, "Private Idaho" to the ever-kitschy "Strobe Light" and the other-worldly "53 Miles West of Venus," this collection of party anthems proved The B-52s were no flash in the lava lamp.

Exclusive CLEAR BLUE SPLATTER vinyl produced by Rhino Records for their 2022 'ROCKTOBER' campaign.


  1. Party Out Of Bounds
  2. Dirty Back Road
  3. Runnin' Around
  4. Give Me Back My Man
  5. Private Idaho
  6. Devil In My Car
  7. Quiche Lorraine
  8. Strobe Light
  9. 53 Miles West Of Venus
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