Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Copeland

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On his 1970 recording debut for Montreal’s CBC studios, the artist now known as Beverly-Glenn-Copeland weaves delicate, jazzed-tinged folk ballads complemented with arrangements by Harmonium’s Neil Chotem. Originally a radio station exclusive limited to 250 copies, this unique gem of Canadian psychedelia has been deservedly coveted by connoisseurs for decades.

Stand out tracks include the amazing "Don't Despair" and "Good Morning Blues", both written by Copeland, and a psych jazz reprise of the first track "Don't Despair".

Heavyweight vinyl produced and remastered by Return To Analog Records in 2019.


1. La Vita

2. Back to Bachland

3. Heaven in Your Heart

4. On the Road

5. Between the Veils

6. This Side of Grace

7. In the Image

8. Primal Prayer

9. A Little Talk

10. A Song and Many Moons

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