Bill Evans & Tony Bennett - Tony Bennett & Bill Evans Album

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The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album is a 1975 studio album by Tony Bennett, who's accompanied by pianist Bill Evans. This was their first studio album together.

One of the best albums of either's career, The Tony Bennett / Bill Evans Album spotlights two legends at work in equal partnership, tackling classics from the Great American Songbook with masterful ease. A consistently enthusiastic and balanced musical partnership, Bennett and Evans shine both individually and in tandem Evans supporting Bennett with his steady left hand and then frequently diving into melodically inventive solos at the end of the phrase.

Recorded in intimate sessions at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA, without even a bassist or drummer present, this album is the product of meticulous personal involvement by the two giants of their genres. Bennett and Evans selected the tunes, worked out the arrangements semi-spontaneously, and picked the final takes to be used. The result was a perfect jazz/pop crossover worthy of many repeat listens. A must-have on vinyl for any serious fan of either of these two greats.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Fantasy Records in 2003.

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