Brian May - Back To The Light (2021 Mix)

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Queen's Brian May's first solo album 'Back To The Light' was originally released in 1992. The album features the singles "Too Much Love Will Kill You" and "Driven By You". It's been remastered by Bob Ludwig, who worked from the original restored flat mixes for this new edition of 'Back To The Light'.

This is the first release from the ‘The Brian May Gold Series’, as the May explains:

Each [release] will have a little gold stamp on. And each one of them will give me the opportunity to rediscover the road that I travelled. I really found this fascinating. I was a little nervous at the beginning, thinking what is this going to dredge up in me? But I loved getting back in there. I’m really just hoping it will connect with people who have never heard this stuff before. They know me as a guitarist for Queen. Some know me as an astronomer. Some know me as a campaigner for animal rights. I’m a sort of evangelist for 3-D Victorian Stereoscopy. But very few people have heard my solo output.”

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Universal Music UK in 2021. Remastered from the original analog sources by Bob Ludwig, overseen by Brian May.


  1. The Dark
  2. Back To The Light
  3. Love Token
  4. Resurrection
  5. Too Much Love Will Kill You
  6. Driven By You
  7. Nothin’ But Blue
  8. I’m Scared (Justin’s Mix ’92)
  9. Last Horizon
  10. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
  11. Just One Life
  12. Rollin’ Over
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