Charli XCX - How I'm Feeling Now (Neon Orange Vinyl)

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Charli XCX's How I'm Feeling Now is a masterclass in experimental pop for the genre-less generation. The British electro pop artist sings of love, loneliness, and solo partying across an album built in and made for this very moment.

The album was entirely written and recorded during quarantine,sometimes using crowd-sourced suggestions from fans. The second verse of its 10th track "Anthems," for example, was written while Charli was live-streaming on Instagram. The 27-year-old pop star is known as a futuristic, and her glitchy production quirks are certainly still here — but her characteristic style sounds fresher than ever, thanks to a softer, more scaled-back approach and Charli's willingness to get vulnerable.

The album features the singles 'Forever", 'Claws' and 'I Finally Understand'.

Limited Edition NEON ORANGE vinyl pressed by Atlantic Records.

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