Chris Shiflett - Lost At Sea

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Punk veteran. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Americana and rock songwriter. Modern-day guitar hero. For more than 25 years, Chris Shiflett has blurred the lines between genre and generation, balancing his full-band projects with a thriving solo career.

He turns a new page with Lost at Sea, a solo record that builds a bridge between Nashville - where Shiflett has become a frequent visitor, performing on the Grand Ole Opry one minute and collaborating with Music City tastemakers like Jaren Johnston and Dave Cobb the next - and his native California.

Caught halfway between the honky-tonk saloon and the punk-rock dive bar, Lost at Sea is both eclectic and electric, making room for alt-country crunch, guitar-driven grit, and sharp songwriting. Tying that mix together is Shiflett himself: a musical Renaissance Man whose influences are every bit as wide-ranging as his resume.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Blue √Član Records in 2023.


  1. Dead And Gone
  2. Overboard
  3. Black Top White Lines
  4. Damage Control
  5. Weigh You Down
  6. Burn The House Down
  7. Where'd Everybody Go
  8. I Don't Trust My Memories Anymore
  9. Carrie Midnight Texas Queen
  10. Parties
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