Claud - Super Monster (Exclusive Green / Blue Split Vinyl)

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From beginning to end, the sparkling pop tunes off Claud Mintz's magnetic first album Super Monster capture the assorted stages of a relationship's delight and dejection - the giddy sensation of a first kiss during the beaming "Overnight," the heartsick longing of a pending rejection during the yearning "Jordan," the reluctant call for a requisite breakup during the smoldering "Ana." Incisive, instant, and addictive, Super Monster works on either level - to remind us of love's wild ups and downs or to help us deal with them in real time.

The debut release on Phoebe Bridgers' Saddest Factory Records, Super Monster is a vertiginous but joyous coming-of-age reckoning with such young love. Claud sees relationships as games of endless wonder, intrigue, and second-guesses, a roller-coaster thrilling you even when it's terrifying.

Exclusive GREEN / BLUE SPLIT vinyl produced by Saddest Factory Records in 2021. Includes download card.

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