Corey Taylor - CMFT (Exclusive Tan Vinyl)

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CMFT is the debut solo studio album by Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. The last thing the world expected from Corey Taylor’s solo debut was a party album. The motor-mouthed vocalist has spent over 20 years down in the bowels of self-revulsion with his nihilistic band Slipknot, neck-deep in piss and vinegar and picking at scabs.

NME describes the album as "The man in the gnarly mask lets it all hang out with this Vegas-recorded party album, which swings from rock to country and hip-hop."

The album features the singles "Black Eyes Blue", "CMFT Must Be Stopped", "HWY 666", "Culture Head" and "Samantha's Gone"

Exclusive heavyweight TAN vinyl produced by Roadrunner Records in 2020. Gatefold sleeve.

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