Danny Elfman - Batman (Original Motion Picture Score) [Exclusive Turquoise Vinyl]

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Defining the Caped Crusader through music is no mean feat. James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, Elliot Goldenthal and Shirley Walker have all admirably tried their hand at composing the music which audiences would come to identify with Batman. Ultimately though, the cape and cowl laurels squarely at the feet of Danny Elfman.

Danny Elfman is one of the titans on film score composition. His dark and memorable themes are embedded in cinematic history, but it is this soundtrack which marks the most admirable chapter of his spectacular work. The theme in which Elfman conjures for 1989's Batman is one that generations have come to identify as the definitive theme for the Caped Crusader of Gotham.

Exclusive TURQUIOSE vinyl produced by Rhino Records for their 2021 'Start Your Ear Off Right' campaign. Only 3000 copies worldwide.

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