Dave Brubeck - Time OutTakes: Unreleased 1959 Sessions

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Time OutTakes features tracks that have never been heard before. These newly discovered recordings feature wonderful performances that are every bit as compelling as those on the original Time Out. This project was produced by Brubeck Editions: a recently-created collective Brubeck family members.

It was discovered that during the original 1959 sessions the Quartet also recorded "I'm in a Dancing Mood" and an unlisted trio jam with a major drum solo that included snatches of the melody from "Watusi Drums". Two tracks from Time Out, "Pick Up Sticks" and "Everybody's Jumpin'", were achieved in one take so no alternates exist to include here.

These 7 exciting performances (and a bonus track) are fascinating finds, allow fans to hear Time Out like they never have before. Fans will recognize Dave Brubeck's signature pieces afresh and anew. Listening to this album will be a rediscovery why fans fell in love with The Dave Brubeck Quartet, which featured Paul Desmond, Joe Morello and Eugene Wright.

"Take Five" became the best-selling jazz single of the twentieth century. How did Brubeck develop such chemistry with alto-saxophonist Paul Desmond? Now the mysteries are solved with the historic release of Time OutTakes.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Brubeck Editions in 2021. Remastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studios.

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