David Myles - It's Christmas

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David Myles' It's Christmas has something for everyone: original and classic songs in a range of styles, from foot-stomping bluegrass to crooning jazz. The record includes impeccable covers of Myles' favourite Christmas standards including "Let It Snow", "White Christmas", and "Les Cloches du Hameau". The addition of three original holiday songs proves his versatility as a songwriter. From poetic and heartfelt to funny and whimsical, "It's Christmas", "Santa Never Brings Me a Banjo", and "The Gift" compliment the vintage feel of the album - while making it uniquely David Myles.

Recorded at New Scotland Yard and produced by Joshua Van Tassel, the record features the musical talents of long-time Myles collaborators: Kyle Cunjak (bass), Alan Jeffries (guitar), and Van Tassel (drums). Myles says, "Christmas is when we reflect on what is most important to us: family, friends, love, generosity. The tour helped remind me of the true meaning of the season. That's what I wanted to capture in this collection of songs." He succeeds with warmth, grace and good humour. It's Christmas is a reminder of everything there is to love about the holiday season.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Turtlemusik in 2014.

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