Donnas - Spend The Night (Hot Pink Vinyl)


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The Donnas’ major label debut for the Atlantic label, where they went after recording a quartet of classics for Lookout! 2002’s Spend the Night was by far the band’s most popular album, hitting 62 on the Billboard charts, but it wasn’t just the major label distribution mojo that upped the sales. This record doesn’t have a dud on it, and boasts such Donnas devastators as “Who Invited You,” “Take It Off,” “You Wanna Get Me High,” and “Pass It Around.” Indeed, with one killer hook after another, the big mystery about this record is, why didn’t it make them superstars?

Heavyweight HOT PINK vinyl produced by Real Gone Music in 2024.


  1. It's On The Rocks
  2. Take It Off
  3. Who Invited You
  4. All Messed Up
  5. Dirty Denim
  6. You Wanna Get Me High
  7. I Don't Care (So There)
  8. Pass It Around
  9. Too Bad About Your Girl
  10. Not The One
  11. Big Rig
  12. Please Don't Tease
  13. Take Me To The Backseat
  14. 5 O'Clock In The Morning
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