Dr. Dre - 2001 (Uncensored)

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20 years ago, Dr. Dre released his classic album, 2001. Often credited as one of the most important hip hop records all time, the album is finally available again UNCENSORED!

Dr. Dre recounted his thoughts as he entered the year 2001. "The 90s were just like, hip-hop was a contact sport," he said. "All of a sudden, I'm on my own again and I have to go find new artists and new musicians to work with. Fortunately for me, I had done it once before when I separated myself from Eazy-E, Jerry Heller, Ruthless, and what have you. So I know what starting over feels like. But the second time, I had Jimmy Iovine ."

20th Anniversary heavyweight double vinyl produced by Interscope Records in 2019.

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