Elkka - DJ-Kicks: Elkka

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As the next curator of DJ-Kicks, Elkka is voyaging through rave euphoria. “This is a really special moment for me because DJ-Kicks has been a formative part of my musical education,” she says.

An intoxicating journey through Chicago house and disco, leftfield techno, UK bass and electro-punk, DJ-Kicks: Elkka conjures up an atmosphere that is as primed for the club as it is the listener’s interior world. 

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by K7 Records in 2022. 


1. East-West - Can’tFace The Night (Club Mix)
2. Omri Smadar, Roy Shpilman - Adama
3. Herbert - Keep Time (Nobody)
4. Dan Curtin - Particle Dawn
5. Jensen Interceptor -Lean Before The Interview (Ft. Assembler Code)
6. Elkka - Hands
7. Hodge, Peder Mannerfelt - All My Love
8. Elkka, Jeigo - Body
9. Villager - Monocyclical
10. Breaka -Living

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