Evanescence - Evanescence (Record Store Day) [Purple Smoke Vinyl]

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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 'Evanescence', the band's third studio album with this exclusive RSD Black Friday purple smoke vinyl edition. The 2011 record features the singles "What You Want", "My Heart is Broken" and "Lost in Paradise". Lead vocalist Amy Lee described landing on the epononymous title as being "about falling back in love with this thing, with Evanescence" adding that "it just felt like this is who we are."

Exclusive PURPLE SMOKE vinyl produced by Craft Recordings in celebration of RSD Black Friday 2021. Only 8000 copies worldwide.


SIDE A: 1. What You Want 2. Made Of Stone 3. The Change 4. My Heart Is Broken 5. The Other Side 6. Erase This

SIDE B: 1. Lost In Paradise 2. Sick 3. The End Of the Dream 4. Oceans 5. Never Go Back 6. Swimming Home

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