Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club (Exclusive Orange Vinyl)

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Pulling from a familial lineage of folk storytelling and time spent in Atlanta's hip-hop scene, Faye Webster's work is a study of duality, weaving through her own introversion and heartbreak. Atlanta Millionaires Club presents idiosyncratic sadness punctuated by fleeting observations and an unexpected, sly sense of humour. Webster takes the traditional instrumentation of Americana and rips it into something else, she uses her own calm, laid-back demeanor to say you can be boldly and unapologetically yourself in a quiet way, too.

The record features the singles “Kingston”, “Right Side Of My Neck”, and “Hurts Me Too”.

Exclusive OPAQUE ORANGE vinyl produced by Secretly Canadian in celebration of the label’s 25th Anniversary. This edition features unique artwork and a OBI strip.

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