Various - Gipsy Rhumba: The Original Rhythm Of Gipsy Rhumba in Spain 1965-74 ( Exclusive Yellow Vinyl]

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Soul Jazz Records’ Gipsy Rhumba is the first album outside of Spain to focus on one of the most exciting musical culture clashes ever. In the early 1960s, Gypsies from the Catalan region of Spain, primarily known as the creators of Flamenco, came up with a fascinating hybrid style, Gipsy Rhumba, which blended the Latin and Rhumba music of Cuba and the Caribbean together with their own Flamenco, as well as the emerging Rock ‘N’ Roll from America.

Soul Jazz Records’ Gipsy Rhumba: The Original Rhythm of Gipsy Rhumba in Spain 1965-1974, includes a 28 page booklet and download code. The extensive booklet in this release contains definitive sleeve notes by the musicologist Jose Manuel Gómez, record designs and stunning photography from the celebrated photographer Jacques Leonard.

Exclusive YELLOW double vinyl produced by Soul Jazz Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2023. 



1. Rabbit Rumba – Nuestro Ayer
2. El Noi – Labios Morenos
3. Los Gitanos Polinais – En El Fondo Del Mar De Lima
4. Antonio González – Sarandonga
5. Peret – La Fiesta No Es Para Feos


1. El Gitano Portugués – Fui A Bahía
2. Maruja Garrido – Ché Camino
3. Juncal Y Sus Calistros – Tequila
4. Moncho Y Su Wawankó Gitano – Orisa
5. Peret – Voy, Voy


1. Dolores Vargas "La Terremoto" – Anana Hip
2. Chango – El Guapo
3. Ramonet Y Sus Rumberos – Bacalao Salao
4. Lola Flores Y Antonio González – Meneíto Men
5. Dolores Vargas "La Terremoto" – A-Chi-Li-Pú


1. El Noy – El Loco
2. El Noi – Sí, Compay
3. Chacho Y Sus Rumbas – El Pan Y Los Dientes
4. Maruja Garrido – Amanecí En Tus Brazos
5. Antonio González – Levántate

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