Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree (Yellow Vinyl)

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Acoustic guitars and slower tempos distinguish 2008's Seventh Tree from Goldfrapp's previous work, although certain trademarks persist: achingly beautiful melodies, hermetic and glossy production values, and Alison Goldfrapp's luscious vocals. The album features the singles "A&E", "Happiness", "Caravan Girl" and "Clowns".

After spooking casual fans with whip-cracking beats, mechanical melodies and the low grade S&M imagery of 2005's Supernature, Alison Goldfrapp and musical partner Will Gregory crawl out of their dark disco dungeon and run wild in the country with Seventh Tree.

Limited Edition YELLOW vinyl produced by BMG in 2021. Gatefold sleeve. Exclusive art print of the original artwork.

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