John Prine - Prime Prine: The Best of John Prine (Rocktober)

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This original 1976 compilation feature songs from John Prine’s first four Atlantic Records albums. Classics like “Sam Stone”, The Great Compromise" and "Sweet Revenge".

Exclusive heavyweight vinyl pressed by Atlantic Records for Rhino's Rocktober 2020 campaign.


1. Sam Stone
2. "Saddle in the Rain"   
3. "Please Don't Bury Me"           
4. "The Great Compromise"        
5. "Grandpa Was a Carpenter"   
6. "Donald and Lydia"    
7. "Illegal Smile"              
8. "Sweet Revenge"        
9. "Dear Abby"  
10. "Souvenirs"
11. "Come Back to Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard"
12. "Hello in There"     


  • Available October 9th, 2020
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