k.d. lang - Makeover (Transparent Turquoise Vinyl)

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  • Available May 28th, 2021. Pre-orders begin soon!

In celebration of Pride Month 2021, Nonesuch Records presents Makeover, a new collection of classic dance remixes of some of k.d. lang's best-loved songs. The album brings these remixes, made between 1992 and 2000, together for the first time, and includes "Sexuality", "Miss Chatelaine", "Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls", "Summerfling" and the #1 dance chart hits "Lifted By Love" and "If I Were You".

Heavyweight TRANSPARENT TURQUOISE double vinyl produced by Nonesuch Records in 2021. The cover art features a previously unseen 1995 portrait of lang by David LaChapelle.

"I had the idea of putting together a dance remix compilation, as I mused about how we built community in those days before the internet, mobile devices, and dating apps," lang says. "Those dance clubs were a key to a world, which was still called 'underground' in the '90s. I also surprised myself by finding that there was a cryptic, sort of secret zone in my career, that hadn't been explored, overlooked even by me. Two of these tracks had even hit #1 on the dance charts!"

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