Kid 'N Play - 2Hype (Exclusive White Vinyl]

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Unavailable on vinyl for decades, 2 Hype, the classic 1988 album from Kid 'N Play, features singles like "Last Night", "Do This My Way", "Gittin' Funky", "Rollin' With Kid 'N Play" and "2 Hype".

For a certain generation of hip hop fans, just the mention of Kid 'N Play brings on a wave of nostalgia. The group released three full-lengths between 1988 and 1991, with a focus on positive lyrics and pop friendly production. The success of the group's music lead to countless House Party films, a Saturday morning cartoon show and even a series of comic books for Marvel. It all started here with 2 Hype!

Exclusive OPAQUE WHITE vinyl produced by Select Records in celebration of RSD Black Friday 2022. Only 2800 copies worldwide. US Import.

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