Lil' Kim - Hard Core

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In 1996, Kimberly Jones aka Lil Kim defied all rap rules and released her first album, 'Hard Core' on Atlantic Records. The record features such 90s hip-hop classics as "Crush On You" and "No Time", which featured Puff Daddy.

Following up on the heels of Junior Mafia’s Conspiracy Theory album, the First Lady of Brooklyn’s JM family set out to recreate the image of female emcees and establish the sexy on the mic with not just her seductive and sometimes outlandish outfits, but also no-holds-barred lyrics. Kim broke new ground with Hard Core, a Hip-Hop version of Millie Jackson, with no filter in her description of her sexual exploits, which was only celebrated from a male POV until her coming.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Rhino Records for Atlantic Records for their 2017 'Start Your Ear Off Right' campaign.

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