Lou Canon - Suspicious (Clear Vinyl)

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Lou Canon has emerged as the vanguard of Toronto’s bedroom electronic movement. With her enveloping, downtempo music, Lou has created a vibe steeped in style, self-assurance and effortless mystique. Her new album, Suspicious, was co-produced by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire, Basia Bulat).

This is music for nighttime; roiling drumbeats and breathily expressive vocals that lead you through the dark corners of your innermost subconscious. Lou’s intention for each song was “to leave the front door, go south at the end of block, across the freeway, over the toll bridge, through the antenna, riding the waves, beyond the horizon, rising in the hot air, falling like rain, and reverberating in that space between an eardrum and your imagination.” Suspicious does just this—its songs surround and transport the listener, beckoning them down a labyrinth of alluring and synthful beats.

Limited Edition CLEAR vinyl produced by Paper Bag Records in 2017. Includes download card.


1. Coma
2. Steady Flow
3. Thrill Me 
4. These Faces
5. Who I Am
6. Be What
7. Inner Talk
8. Fever
9. Elevator
10. Rosary
11. Curtain Veil

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