Melanie Martinez - After School EP {Blue Vinyl)

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When several years manage to lapse by on the calendar for an artist, between one album and the next, the wait can end up working well in or out of their favor. The outcome largely depends on what kind of impression the prior release gave, how long of a period fans are left to wait, and how silent and-or cryptic the artist chooses to be along the way. In the case of Melanie Martinez, the answers to all of the above leave her with nothing but favor and positive potential leading up to the release of new EP, After School, which is both a standalone record and part of the deluxe version of Martinez’s critically acclaimed sophomore LP, K-12.

The After School EP leaves much in keeping with Martinez’s established sonic profile – a cornucopia of melodic, unconventional, playful tones from instruments and sources that fall well outside the current guitar and laser synthesizer driven pop-paradigm.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2020. 

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