Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby (Deluxe Edition) [Blue Vinyl]

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Melanie Martinez's debut album Cry Baby has remarkably kept growing in stature since it's 2015 release, now approaching it's high-water mark of 1 billion global audio streams for the second consecutive year. It features the singles "Pity Party", "Soap" and "Dollhouse". 

On this expanded deluxe edition, "Play Date", "Teddy Bear" and "Cake" are - for the first time - added to the original album. These songs were only previously available on vinyl on the now out-of-print, limited edition 'Extra Clutter' EP from 2016.

Deluxe Edition. Heavyweight BABY BLUE double vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2023 in celebration of their 75th Anniversary. Extra-wide gatefold sleeve.

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