Otis Brown - Southside Chicago

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Chicago's tangled web of micro labels and small time players is no better illustrated than by the career of Otis Brown. In his ten years on the scene, Brown ran four imprints, warmed stages for Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and Alvin Cash, greased the palms of the city's top DJs, and wrote a theme song for his beloved southside. Southside Chicago collects the complete 1960s output of this stalwart performer.

Highlights include "Somebody Help Me", "I'm Ready For Love" and "I've Got Another".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by The Numero Group in 2021.


1 Southside Chicago  
2 Will You Wait  
3 Mama Don't Allow No Loving In Here  
4 What Would You Do  
5 Whatever You Do, Do It Good  
6 You Girl  
7 Find Somebody New  
8 I've Got Another  
9 Who's Gonna Take Me Home  
10 Sound Of The Wind  
11 I'm Ready For Love  
12 The Willie Bop  
13 Somebody Help Me  
14 I Don't Wanna Cry
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