Róisín Murphy - Hit Parade (Deluxe Edition) [Purple Vinyl]

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  • Available September 8th, 2023
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Róisín Murphy, the Queen of Electronic Music and the Avant-Garde is known for her innovative style and endless talents and has established herself as one of the most exciting acts today. Róisín returns in 2023 with Hit Parade, her first album for Ninja Tune. Hit Parade is the result of years of collaboration with DJ Koze, who produced the entire record. Hit Parade include the singles "The Universe", "Can't Replicate" and "CoolCool".

The warm thump of hip-hop, playful psychedelia, and elegant soulful grooves are all part of Murphy and Koze’s vision here, resulting in a record that’s endlessly replayable even as its melodies become glued to your brain. The 13 indelible tracks that contribute to the album’s effortless sparkle were six years in the making, put together almost entirely remotely.

Fans of both artists will know that this inspired collaboration was borne out of Murphy's contributions to Koze's 2018 Knock Knock LP -specifically, "Illumination" and "Scratch That"- and as Murphy worked with Koze on Hit Parade she found their shared creative process revelatory in its own ways,  all of which will become apparent.

Deluxe Edition PURPLE double vinyl produced by Ninja Tune in 2023. Rigid gloss laminate gatefold sleeve with holographic foil print with mirrored inner-sleeves. Includes 24pg booklet and download card.


A1. What Not To Do
A2. CooCool
A3. The Universe
A4. Milf Funk
B1. Hurtz So Bad
B2. The House
B3. Fader
B4. Free Will
C1. You Knew
C2. Can’t Replicate
D1. Crazy Ants Reprise
D2. Two Ways
D3. Eureka

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