Roosevelt - Polydans (Exclusive Red Vinyl)

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Roosevelt returns with his much-anticipated third studio album, Polydans. The album serves as a kind of love letter to dance music, with Roosevelt embracing his own musical history and his love of the multi-faceted nature of the genre, and reconnecting with the intimate nuances that can make dance music feel truly alive. It features the singles "Echoes", "Sign", "Feels Right", "Strangers" and "Lovers".

After taking a 4-piece live band around the world playing over 100 live shows and performing at numerous festivals tied to the success of his second album Young Romance, Roosevelt decided to take some time to sit in his studio, reflect on his meteoric success in the pop music world and refocus himself on his musical roots.

Hearkening back to the intimate clubs he’d DJ in, he sought to unearth the beating heart of dance music, where passion and excitement is woven into the intimate nuances of the genre, and the physical relationship between the DJ and those on the dancefloor. Playing almost every instrument on the record, Roosevelt created Polydans by swirling together the spirits of 80s synth, disco, analogue, Yacht rock, and delirious dancefloor euphoria with amazing results.

Exclusive heavyweight RED vinyl produced by City Slang Records in 2021. Gatefold sleeve. Includes booklet and download card.

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