Sinead O'Connor - The Lion And The Cobra (Music On Vinyl)

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The Lion and The Cobra is the highly successful 1987 debut album by Sinéad O'Connor. Praised on one of the greatest debut records in rock history, the album features such classics as "Troy", "I Want Your (Hands on Me)" and "Mandinka".

The album featured prominent session musicians John Reynolds on drums, former Adam and the Ants and Siouxsie and the Banshees guitarist Marco Pirroni, former Japan guitarist Rob Dean and Mike Clowes from Friction Groove on keyboards.

The artwork released in North America differed from the European release, as it was felt a more subdued pose of O'Connor would present a "softer" image. This edition features the original UK artwork.

Heavyweight audiophile vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl in 2015. UK Import.

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