Sonny Clark - Leapin' and Lopin'

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His final album Leapin' and Lopin' features the renowned rhythm section of Sonny Clark, Butch Warren, and Billy Higgins, supported by Tommy Turrentine and Charlie Rouse. It was recorded November 13, 1961. This fifth Blue Note recording as a leader is generally regarded as his best, especially considering he composed four of the seven tracks, which all bear his stamp of originality. A master work that closes the book on an all too short career, Leapin' and Lopin' is a top shelf example of Hard Bop at its finest that should find a place in every fan of the genre's collection.

Among the classic tunes is the definitive hard bop opener "Somethin' Special", which lives up to its title in a most bright and happy manner, with Clark merrily comping chords. "Melody for C" is similarly cheerful, measured, and vivid in melodic coloration. The showstopper is "Voodoo", the ultimate late-night slinky jazz tune contrasted by Clark's tinkling piano riffs. Warren wrote the exciting hard bopper "Eric Walks" reminiscent of a Dizzy Gillespie tune, while Turrentine's "Midnight Mambo" mixes metaphors of Afro-Cuban music with unusual off-minor phrases and Rouse's stoic playing.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Blue Note Records in 2015 for their 'Blue Note 75' campaign. Remastered by Bernard Grundman at Bernard Grundman Mastering. Pressed at RTI.

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