St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Half The City


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St. Paul and the Broken Bones' music doesn't just mimic the sounds it's members love; it regenerates the tradition. This is what happens when players are unusually in tune with each other and with the discoveries they're sharing. Half the City is the first major recorded statement from a band already growing into greatness. The album features the singles "Call Me" and "Grass Is Greener".

St. Paul's origin story is common: White Southern kids chase the region's African-American musical spark, led by a singer with astounding lung capacity who came up in the church, as well as a guitarist who'd paid some dues before blossoming into his own sound. But the little things make a difference. Janeway loves the soul legend O.V. Wright and dark patriarch Nick Cave and the overlooked gospel great Alex Bradford. Lollar fills his riffs with unexpected color, like the magical-realist painter he also is. The horn section has the energy of undergrads, which its members were until they graduated from Samford University last year.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Thirty Tigers in 2014. Includes download card.


1. I'm Torn Up
2. Don't Mean a Thing
3. Call Me
4. Like A Mighty River
5. That Glow
6. Broken Bones & Pocket Change
7. Sugar Dyed
8. Half the City
9. Grass Is Greener
10. Let It Be So
11. Dixie Rothko
12. It's Midnight

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