SUM 41 - All Killer No Filler (20th Anniversary) [Yellow Vinyl]

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SUM 41 celebrate the 20th Anniversary of their debut album 'All Killer No Filler' with this first ever vinyl edition. The 2001 record features the singles "Fat Lip", "In Too Deep", "Motivation" and "Handle This".

The album is a standard for the pop-punk and, to a lesser degree, skate-punk genres. It continued to follow a lineage of acts that had been pervasive in the ’90s, summed up by the huge influence NOFX’s classic 1994 album Punk in Drublic had on the making of this album.

In 2013, Absolutepunk described All Killer No Filler as: “The album that your parents don’t want you to discover at age 11 when you’re just starting to think that school is bullshit and the only thing that really matters is that ridiculously cute girl who honestly treats you like shit,” as well as adding: “The lyrics are broad enough that everyone can relate to them, but specific enough that each song makes you think of a certain person or situation in your life. The perfect balance.”

Limited Edition TRANSPARENT YELLOW vinyl produced by Aquarius Records. Faithfully replicated artwork.

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