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Level Headed was without doubt the most distinctive album Sweet ever produced. It is both varied in itself and very different from almost anything that they had released before. In a lot of ways, it was Sweet taking a risk. It shows many aspects of the band that are easily overlooked on previous albums and unseen aspects for the first time. The album gave them their final Top Ten hit with the dreamy "Love Is Like Oxygen," a single that has become a staple for the band. This release includes never released alternative mixes and demos from the original release.

Exclusive CLEAR BLUE vinyl produced by Sound Cirty Records in celebration of RSD Black Friday 2023. Only 2000 copies worldwide.


  1. Andy Scott Talking About Level Headed
  2. Dream On (No Strings)
  3. Love is Like Oxygen (Andy Vocal)
  4. California Nights (Clearwell Castle Demo)
  5. Strong Love (Alt. Mix)
  6. Fountain (Band Rehearsal)
  7. Lady Of The Lake (Instrumental)
  8. Silverbird (Band Demo)
  9. Lettres D'amour (Band Demo)
  10. Air On Tape Loop (Band Rehearsal)
  11. Unused Idea
  12. Cover Girl (Band Demo)
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