Doors - L.A. Woman (50th Anniversary)

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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Doors final studio album L.A. Woman with this audiophile remaster of the 1971 stereo mix. Highlights include "Lover Her Madly", "L.A. Woman", "The Changeling", "WASP" and "Riders On The Storm"".

With an intoxicating, genre-blending sound, provocative and uncompromising songs, and the mesmerizing power of singer Jim Morrison's poetry and presence, The Doors had a transformative impact not only on popular music but on popular culture.

The end of the 1960’s marked a dark period for The Doors, personal struggles and heightened emotions in the studio made their sixth album efforts difficult to produce as emotions were running high. The album was ultimately recorded in their own rehearsal space – The Doors Workshop – and once the band was able to take back some control of their work, L.A. Woman was born.

50th Anniversary Edition. Heavyweight vinyl produced by Rhino Records for Elektra Records in 2022. Faithfully replicated rounded die cut sleeve with yellow gel detail. Remastered from the original analog tapes. Made in Germany.


  1. The Changeling
  2. Love Her Madly
  3. Been Down So Long
  4. Cars Hiss By My Window
  5. L.A. Woman
  6. L'America
  7. Hyacinth House
  8. Crawling King Snake
  9. The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
  10. Riders On The Storm
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