Tom Odell - Best Day Of My Life (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)

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Tom Odell began to look ahead to a new era, a new way of working, and embarked on an independent new chapter of his acclaimed career that sees him reclaiming control and taking back the reins of his artistry. Odell has had massive success in the UK, with all four of his albums reaching the top 5 along with a Brit Award and an Ivor Novello Award.

Songs on his fifth album Best Day Of My Life mark the first step in this new chapter. Some of the most poignant songs of his career, they tackle the emotional peaks and troughs of being alive and experiencing moments of euphoria following bouts of sadness. Highlights include the singles "Flying", "Best Day Of My Life" and "Smiling All The Way Back Home".

Exclusive YELLOW vinyl produced by UROK in 2022.

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