Toro Y Moi - Outer Peace

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Toro Y Moi’s latest album Outer Peace is a time capsule that captures our relationship to contemporary culture into one comprehensive, sonic package. As both a producer and designer, Bear utilizes abstract sound pairings with recognizable samples for his most pop influenced record to date, including features from ABRA, WET, and Instupendo. This is no departure from his funk and disco roots, which can be heard on the single “Ordinary Pleasure”, later fusing into variations of house with tracks like “Freelance” and “Laws of the Universe.” Smooth interludes melt into fast paced beats, paralleling the feeling of driving through the Bay Area, where Bear spent most of his time writing the album. Outer Peace is duality. It embodies whatever form listeners choose to inhabit in the moment.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Carpark Records in 2019. Gatefold sleeve. Includes download card. US Import.


A1 Fading
A2 Ordinary Pleasure
A3 Laws Of The Universe
A4 Miss Me
A5 New House
B1 Baby Drive It Down
B2 Freelance
B3 Who I Am
B4 Monte C

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