Various - Back To Mine: Faithless (Exclusive White Vinyl)

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Originally released in 2000, Back To Mine: Faithless was one of the biggest ever selling editions of the Back To Mine Series. Relive Sister Bliss and Rollo’ eclectic and expert curation with an inspired selection of tracks ranging from Dido, Marshall Jefferson, Mazzy Starr, Bent and Sub Sub to the compilers themselves.

For nearly two decades, Faithless have been established as one of the planet’s best loved and biggest selling dance acts. As comfortable on the big stages as they are in sweat soaked basements, Faithless cross genres and styles with ease. This translates perfectly into their addition of Back To Mine which boldly, yet effortlessly traverses a multitude of sounds that you wouldn’t imagine could be the perfect match. Collectively, the album is colourfully soulful, and incredibly smooth.

Exclusive WHITE double vinyl produced by Back To Mine in 2022. 


A1  Dido - My Life
A2  Dusted - Childhood
A3  Sub Sub - Past
A4  Marshall Jefferson, Noosa Heads - Mushrooms
B1  Justin Warfield, Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust
B2  Tindersticks - Another Night In
B3  Pauline Taylor - Solo Mystery Man
C1  Bent - I Love My Man
C2  Faithless - Sunday 8 p.m
C3  Alex Gopher - The Child
D1  Aaron Neville - Hercules
D2  Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
D3  Shinehead - Billie Jean
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