Various - Death Row Chronicles (Clear Vinyl)

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'Death Row Chronicles' is a six-part documentary that chronicles the infamous music label Death Row Records. The BET docuseries features interviews with Death Row insiders and classics from the Death Row Records catalog. This album serves as an accompaniment to the television series, with a successful mix of frontline hits like "Murder Was The Case" and rarities like Sam Sneed's "Drug Related," as well as a previously unreleased title by Kurupt.

Death Row Records changed music and the music industry. The Los Angeles-based company, formed in 1991 and now celebrating its 30th anniversary, catapulted gangster rap into mainstream consciousness, housed a number of superstars, and showed how successful black-owned rap labels could be. 

Limited Edition CLEAR double vinyl produced by Death Row Records in 2018. US Import.


1. Death Row Chronicles Intro
2. Sam Sneed - Drug Related
3. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Who Am I What’s My Name
4. (Interlude) Train Tracks
5. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Murder Was The Case
6. Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs
7. (Interlude) Criminal Intent
8. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin N Juice
9. Kurupt - Mental
10. (Interlude) Edge Sprinter
11. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Doggy Dogg World
12. Lady of Rage - Sho Shot
13. (Interlude) March On
14. LBC Crew - Blueberry
15. Tha Dogg Pound - New York, New York
16. (Interlude) Ambient Foreboding
17. Nate Dogg - One More Day
18. Snoop Doggy Dogg - G’z And Hustlaz
19. (Interlude) Rzar Sharp
20. Snoop Doggy Dogg - May I
21. Tha Dogg Pound - One By One

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