Zoon - Bleached Wavves (Oceania Vinyl)

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The debut album from Hamilton's Zoon (Pronounced Soon) features textured guitars that glide and crash in a collage of reverb and delay effects as it blazes new trails in shoegaze - particularly in the way it implements sounds from traditional First Nations music, an inventive mixture Daniel Monkman cheekily calls "moccasin-gaze."

Bleached Wavves is rich with emotion, offering a nuanced account of Monkman's own journey of pain, sobriety and healing. Much of this journey is implied even in the band's name, which is derived from the Ojibwe word Zoongide'ewin (Soon-guide-a-win), meaning "bravery," "courage" and "the Bear Spirit."

Limited edition OCEANIA vinyl pressed by Paper Bag Records.

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