Ateez - The World EP.Fin: Will (Record Store Day) [Clear / Ice Vinyl]


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Ateez has been named Record Store Day's K-Pop artist of the year! This special version of their 2023 album will be released on Record Store Day 2024. The World EP.Fin: Will is the final installment in the group's The World series, following six months after The World EP.2: Outlaw.

The album was released simultaneously with the single "Crazy Form" and its music video. This RSD release includes a 7” single with two extra songs.

Exclusive CLEAR or ICE vinyl + 7" single produced by KQ Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. Includes a photo ticket (1 image out of 8, distributed at random), 3 postcards and 1 poster. Only 15000 copies worldwide. US Import.


1. We Know
2. Emergency
3. C.razy Form (? ?)
4. Arriba
5. Silver Light
6. Crescent Part 2
7. Dreamy Day (?)
8. Matz (By Hongjoong and Seonghwa)
9. It's You (By Yeosang, San and Wooyoung)
10.Youth (By Yunho and Mingi)
11. Everything (Jongho Solo)
12. Fin: Will

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