Originally launched in April 2022, POPSTARS was created to cultivate a more tactile relationship with all our fans across the nation, who continue to support this dream. Two years later, Pop Music is still one of the only independent record stores in Canada with a free rewards program.


While the stems of the program are rather simple, fans have enjoyed the extra savings they earned collecting points on their purchases. We've hosted numerous POPSTARS Weekends over the past two years, giving members exclusive offers in-store and online.


In 2024, POPSTARS celebrates its 2nd Anniversary in a BIG way - we're proud to announce that there is a new version of the program that beta-launched April 1st. This premium upgrade is a major investment for Pop Music this. Over the next few weeks, members will see new kinds of offers and rewards come their way as we learn how to optimize this new tool.

Our favourite new feature is the online widget:



At nearly 10,000 registered members, POPSTARS has nearly doubled in size since last April. It's become increasingly difficult to get the message out there about any promotions or offers. This new tool drastically improves our ability to engage with our members more than ever before.




  • Collect points on purchases made at our retail store and/or POP-MUSIC.CA

  • Points ratio continues to be $1 SPENT = 1 POINT EARNED.

  • Redeem points without as many restrictions. Redemption levels have been removed.

  • Existing points balances will be transferred seamlessly to new platform.

  • Popstars Rewards online widget will inform members of rewards and offers.

  • Earn bonus points on select products or categories.

  • Sign up for SMS, Push or Email notifications to earn discounts and promotions.

  • Download the Kanagroo Rewards app to get even more offers.

  • Earn more points on purchases with annual spend qualifiers*.

  • Redeem up to 40% of the transaction value in rewards discounts.



GOLD 1.25 points per dollar ($1000+ annual spend)

PLATINUM 1.5 points per dollar ($2500+ annual spend)

DIAMOND  2 points per dollar ($5000+ annual spend)

*defined within a rolling 12-month period from user start date


ACTION REQUIRED: When you log into your account on POP-MUSIC.CA - you may be asked for consent for Pop Music to send you communications via SMS or email. By opting in, you will be notified of special offers, including exclusive discounts tailored to your profile. You might even be rewarded with a bonus welcome offer of 25 points. There's also likely a pop-up message that will highlight something we think you should know.



Unlike most brands, we have never over-solicited POPSTARS with emails. If anything, members have told us they want more special offers sent their way. Members can expect more unique offers tailored to their profiles and tier levels going forward.

The widget will always show the offers available:



DOWNLOAD the Kangaroo Rewards mobile app and log in with your phone number or email to connect to your POPSTARS account. Get push notifications of special offers and more!


We've made the decision to retire all POPSTARS accounts that have been dormant for longer than 18 months. To keep your account from being deactivated, ensure that you use your points within this rolling timeframe. This condition is effective immediately.




1. Upon notice, Pop Music may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the POPSTARS rewards program and/or any POPSTARS reward at any time, including the availability of the program.


2. POPSTARS points earned have no cash value and cannot be transferred between program participants. Points redemption cannot exceed more than 50% the total amount of the products purchased and only one redemption is permitted per transaction.


3. POPSTARS points are only rewarded at time of purchase and it is the sole responsibility of program participants to ensure their purchases made in-store and online have earned them rewards points. Points will not be retroactively allocated to purchases made without program participation at the time of payment processing.


4. Annual spend tiers are calculated based on first purchase made since POPSTARS program relaunch. Members will be notified of upgrades to their membership status when they have qualified.


5. All POPSTARS offers, including discounts, rewards and bonus points, cannot be applied to previous purchases. These offers are communicated exclusively though opt-in marketing.


6. Point values are rounded down to the nearest dollar amount and not applicable on gift card purchases, sales tax or shipping fees. POPSTARS accounts will be retired after a rolling 18-month period of inactivity.




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