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Fresh out of high school, Hannah Jadagu released her debut EP, What Is Going On?, a collection of intimate bedroom pop tracks recorded entirely on an iPhone 7, which was, at the time, Jadagu's most accessible mode of production. An off-the-cuff approach to music making and instinctive ability to write unforgettable hooks belied the intensity of Jadagu's subject matter. What Is Going On? confronted some of the nation's most urgent struggles through Jadagu's compassionate perspective. N

In 2023, Hannah Jadagu gives fans her debut album, Aperture, her most ambitious work to date. Written in the years between graduating from high school in Mesquite, TX and her sophomore year of college in New York, Aperture finds Jadagu in a state of transition. Hannah says "every track on this album, except for ‘Admit It,’ was written first on guitar. But the blanket of synths throughout helps me move between sensibilities. There's rock Hannah, there's hip-hop Hannah, and so on. I didn't want any of the songs to sound too alike".

Most of the songs on Aperture lean into pop’s eternal subject: uncertain romance. She sings about being scared to get serious in the folk-to-grunge “Lose”; about trying to get someone to forget an ex in the lurching, psychedelia-tinged “Six Months”; and about trying to figure out where she stands in a relationship in “Say It Now,” which expands from a winsome plaint into a stomping pop chorus.

Exclusive TRANSPERANT RED vinyl 'Loser' Edition produced by Sup Pop Records in 2023.


  1. Explanation
  2. Say It Now
  3. Six Months
  4. What You Did
  5. Lose
  6. Admit It
  7. Dreaming
  8. Shut Down
  9. Warning Sign
  10. Scratch The Surface
  11. Letter To Myself
  12. Your Thoughts Are Ur Biggest Obstacle
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