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"I was in a dream, but now I can see that change is the only law."With a credo adapted from science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, an album title from a collection of metaphysical poetry, and an expansion in consciousness brought on by personal crisis, guitarist and songwriter Shana Cleveland learns to embrace a changing world with unconditional love on News of the Universe, the new full-length from California rock band La Luz.

Formed by Cleveland in 2012, La Luz is beloved for their ability to balance bedlam and bliss, each new record another fine-tuning of the band's mix of swaggering riffs with angelic vocals borrowed from doo-wop and folk. News of the Universe is a record born of calamity, a work of dark, beautiful psychedelia reflecting Cleveland's experience of having her world blown apart by a breast cancer diagnosis just two years after the birth of her son. It's also a portrait of a band in flux, marking the first appearance for drummer Audrey Johnson and the final ones from longtime members bassist Lena Simon and keyboardist Alice Sandahl, whose contributions add a bittersweet edge to a record that is both elegy for an old world and cosmic road map to a strange new one.

Made entirely by women - from the performing, writing, and producing all the way through to the recording, engineering, and mastering - a powerful sense of openness permeates News of the Universe. The all-female environment allowed Cleveland to feel safe tapping into difficult places and expressing hard emotions women are frequently socialized to suppress, resulting in another knockout record from a band so reliably great that it has perhaps led people to overlook how pioneering La Luz really are: women of color in indie music forging their own path by following their own artistic star into galaxies beyond current musical trends, always led by an earnest belief in the cosmic power of love and a great riff.

Limited Edition ORANGE CRUSH vinyl produced by Sub Pop Records in 2024.


1. Reaching Up to the Sun
2. Strange World
3. Dandelions
4. Poppies
5. Good Luck with Your Secret
6. Always in Love
7. Close Your Eyes
8. I'll Go with You
9. Blue Moth Cloud Shadow
10. News of the Universe
11. Moon in Reverse
12. Blue Jay
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