Malia - The Garden Of Eve (Pink Vinyl)


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In an era where technology is increasingly shaping music, The Garden of Eve explores the opposite: it's an organic album, made by real musicians recording simultaneously, giving it a live mood while at the same time having wonderfully brilliant sound. The 2019 album of the Echo Jazz Award winner Malia.

It's been a long time since a contemporary artist has made such a beautiful homage to the blues, a style that deserves to have a bit of its dust brushed off.

Limited Edition PINK vinyl produced by MPS Records in 2023. Individually-numbered.


  1. Hope
  2. Last Show
  3. The Thrill Is Gone
  4. Me & My Girlfriend
  5. Two Seedlings
  6. Lord, I Feel So Bad
  7. Restoration
  8. Death
  9. Freedom at Last
  10. Moving Away
  11. Honeymoon Is Over
  12. Love in Vain
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