Metric - Grow Up and Blow Away


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Grow Up and Blow Away is the third studio album by the Canadian indie rock band Metric. The album was recorded in 2001, but its release was delayed for years. Highlights include "Raw Sugar" and "Grow Up and Blow Away.

As the years passed, the band's sound changed to the point where they no longer felt the album would be what the fans expected to hear, so Metric recorded a completely new album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, and released that instead. Last Gang Records later purchased the rights to the album and released it on June 26, 2007.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Last Gang Records in 2016.


1. Grow Up
2. Hardwire
3. Rock Me Now
4. The Twist
5. On The Sly
6. Soft Rock Star
7. Raw Sugar
8. White Gold
9. London Half Life
10. Soft Rock Star

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