Moby - Hotel : Ambient (Deluxe Edition) [3LP]

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Moby's 2005 album Hotel : Ambient is now available on vinyl for the first time. This expanded edition includes 3 songs not included on the original release. "May 4 Two", "Spaired Long" and "Live Forever (Long)".

Heavyweight triple vinyl produced by BMG / Little Idiot Records in 2015, marking the 10th Anniversary. Gatefold sleeve.

"In 2005 I released an album called 'Hotel', and 'Hotel' came with a bonus album called 'Hotel Ambient'. We only made around 10,000 copies of 'Hotel Ambient' and they disappeared very quickly...A few years ago someone stopped me and asked if I knew where and how they could get a copy of 'Hotel Ambient'. And in my ignorance I had to confess that, no, I had no idea where they could get a copy of 'Hotel Ambient’. And then I realized that I didn't even have a copy of 'Hotel Ambient', and I was the one who had made it. So to that end we're re-releasing 'Hotel Ambient'. It will also contain some new tracks and some extended tracks. And it's very, very quiet, as ambient music tends to be." - Moby


Record One:
1.  Swear
2.  Snowball
3.  Blue Paper
4.  Homeward Angel (Long)
5.  Chord Sounds
6.  Not Sensitive
Record Two:
1.  Lilly
2.  May 4 Two
3.  The Come Down
4.  Overlands
5.  Live Forever
6.  Aerial
Record Three: (single sided)
1.  Spaired Long
2.  Live Forever (Long)  
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