Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine (Original Version)

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Nine Inch Nails released their groundbreaking debut album 'Pretty Hate Machine' in 1989. The synth-driven industrial rock record features the singles "Down in It", "Head Like a Hole" and "Sin". Although some influences can be detected, such as Skinny Puppy, The The, and New Order, the album as a whole sounds like nothing that ever came before it, and nothing that has come since sounds quite like it.

On Pretty Hate Machine, Trent Reznor sounds tough but also strained and vulnerable. There's a huge, frustrated mall-kid aspect to his voice, to the way it goes from defeated mutter to impotent yowl in no time flat. It's like he knows how petty he can sound, but he can't help himself. Arguably what makes the album so memorable is that the texture and abrasive intensity is matched with very catchy and well written songs, which never sound self-indulgent or meandering.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by The Bicyle Music Company in partnership with Concord Music Group in 2011. Mastered by Wes Garland at Nashville Record Productions. Pressed at United Record Pressing.


A1 Head Like A Hole
A2 Terrible Lie
A3 Down In It
A4 Sanctified
A5 Something I Can Never Have
B1 Kinda I Want To
B2 Sin
B3 That'S What I Get
B4 The Only Time
B5 Ringfinger

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