NOFX - Greatest Songs Ever Written By Us (Greatest Hits)


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The Greatest Songs Ever Written (By Us) features 27 of the most popular songs released by NOFX. This remastered collection has all the favourites like "Linoleum", "Don't Call Me White", and "The Separation of Church and State". It also includes a new track "Wore Out The Soles of My Party Boots". This is the first time the 2004 compilation is available on vinyl.

NOFX is one of the best loved punk rock bands of all time because they never self doubt... continually making their legions of fans laugh and think. Twenty years of recording, touring, and being the most successful and sarcastic punk rock band in the independent world have resulted in a twenty-seven song LP that every NOFX fan must have.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Epitaph Records in 2018. Remastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering. Gatefold sleeve.

Gene Grimaldi

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