Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

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Rage Against the Machine spent four years making their second album, Evil Empire. As the title suggests, their rage and contempt for the "fascist" capitalist system in America hadn't declined in the nearly half-decade they were away. Their musical approach didn't change, either.

The album in a corrosive assault on the senses. Gone is the metallic sheen that marked the first album. Instead the band strips off the sheen while seeking out darker, funkier, and heavier textures.

Lead vocalist Zack de la Rocha is caught halfway between the militant raps of Chuck D and the fanatical ravings of a street preacher, shouting out his simplistic, libertarian slogans over the sonically dense assault of the band.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by We Are Vinyl for Epic Records in 2018. Includes download card.

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